About us

Team - Mitr Stores

Mitr was conceived when love for design, a desire to excel and respect for brands came together. Life is good when one has a sense of belonging. We, here at Mitr, understand and live by this emotion. Our mission is to develop a long lasting, mutually beneficial partnership with our clients by providing exceptional services and superior quality products. The Mitr team of few strong headed beings, works hard to conceptualize our client’s vision of their organization’s core values and aspirations. We thrive on the high our customers get when they witness the symbols, colors and shapes that define them as a team, plastered with elegant finesse on surfaces of their choice. We take pride in our impressive list of 100+ clientele, including some big names from the IT, Food and Education industry.

What we do

We put your logos, symbols, colors or anything that identifies your brand on t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, key-chains, bags and any other possible surface that catches your fancy. It might be the journey that is better than the destination for some, but for us, it’s the entire process of understanding your needs, putting visions and ideas in solid form and come up with a design that you can proudly carry as a token of something special to you. It’s our obsession with professionalism and timely delivery that has helped us amass a wonderful mix of established corporates, start-ups and educational institutes. We specialize in corporate uniform branding, event-based product branding, corporate gifting ideas, custom designed memorabilia and personalized office supplies.

Why we do what we do

It’s Simple! - To be a part of your success. We want to be the ones responsible for imprinting your memories and brands where it matters. We aim to induce a feeling of belongingness, team pride and a rush of warm memories for our customers. Values that drive us our – On-time delivery and value for money. In short, our individual and collective raison d'être is customer delight.

Why you should “Make Your Mark”

Corporate gifting –

Gifts are force when it comes to us Indians. Presenting gifts symbolizes gratefulness, love, respect and a desire to be etched in each other’s memories. Branding merchandise with your mark is like small monthly deposits that lead to significant results. Not only does it bring recognition but also plays a major part inbrands’ recall value. See our merchandise catalogue for more details …

Corporate Uniform –

An army cannot win without a uniform. Get your troops to love and believe in their company by unifying them with a branded uniform. The excitement and commitment in an event will soar highest when all participants look like a pack. Simply put, a team that looks like a team, will work like a team. See our clothing collection …

Branded merchandise –

Branded merchandize have the power to motivate and persuade, emotionally affect people. There is no simpler way to get into the hearts and minds of your target audience, customers, clients and employees than handing them a variety of useful branded merchandise. Check out things you can brand …

Personalized Office supplies –

Branded and personalized office supplies talk about your company before you do. It adds style and personality to your desk and office space. Office supplies marked with everything “you”, will make for a great first impression on clients. Not to forget – Employees will develop a sense of pride and attachment in a well-coordinated, professional looking environment. Shop and search in office supplies department.